Here’s where you can find my art pieces, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

This picture portrays what the world is going through with COVID19.
This is what quarantine life was like for me during the pandemic.
This painting was to show appreciation to our front-liners throughout COVID19.
“Roses Do Not Bloom Hurriedly; For Beauty, Like A Masterpiece, It Takes Time To Blossom”.
Glitching Effect Rose
” A Rose Does Not Answer It’s Enemies With Words, But With Beauty”.
Queen of Bacchanal.
Jamaican Empress.
Do What Makes You Happy.
”The Bigger The Hair, The Harder They Stare”
”The Best Curve Of A Woman Is Her Smile”.
Drippin’ Chanel
A Phenomenal Woman I Am.
“¡Ay, Caramba!”
“Listen To No One’s Advice Except That Of The Wind In The Trees.”